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My name is Sofia Robirosa, and I help singles with their love life and couples to save their marriages and relationships for a living. When singles are unhappy with their dating life, or when couples feel their relationship isn’t what it used to be, they come to see me. I specialize in supporting driven individuals and couples to carry the success they have in their life into their love life. My passion is twofold: (1) To help singles to have a satisfying dating life resulting in feeling whole and in integrity with themselves, and (2) for couples to make their homes a safe haven for their spouses and children resulting in their homecoming a respite from work and a place to regroup and feel whole.

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For over a decade now, I have served the South Florida Community by helping individuals and couples have the satisfying love life they crave. As a passionate couples therapist and relationship counselor, nothing compares to helping singles thrive in their dating life, and for couples to heal and reignite their connection.

I truly experience that my life purpose is happening right in front of my eyes when I see my single clients feeling fulfilled in their romantic life, and my couples finding an ongoing sense of completeness by experiencing the same type of success at home as they do in their professional or personal lives.

Most importantly, when it comes to working with my clients, my ultimate goal is not to create an ongoing dependency but to empower them to sustain the gains they make autonomously. In other words, I give singles and couples the tangible tools they need so that they can leave my office with confidence that they can achieve their dreams on their own.

How I Can help You

When I work with individuals, I help carve a path to find clarity about what they want in their current or future romantic relationships and how to navigate relationship issues. Whether the process is about healing from a painful past breakup or a divorce, or to break generational patterns of relational issues, such as divorce, infidelities or relationship dissatisfaction, the work with each one of my clients is uniquely tailored to their own needs. The focus is a combination around developing awareness, as well as feeling there is congruency with what they want and how they act within their relationships.

As I work with couples, I hold an unbiased view of their situation, without judging who is at more “at fault”. My mission is to delve deep into the relationship to identify where conflict is coming from in the first place. Throughout all my years of experience I have gathered the understanding of what most couples want to improve in their relationships and the key times in their lives that might affecting them. This is why I have very specific training in how to communicate in relationships, keeping the spark alive and how to repair trust after a betrayal or affair, and additional training in postpartum issues, infertility, parenting issues, addiction, and trauma. I give each couple a short-term action plan to begin rebuilding their relationship and have the home life they always wanted.

Additionally, if I am not working with individuals and couples, I am running my group practice: Infinite Therapeutic Services, where a group of independent therapists offer an array of therapeutic services as well as testing. Outside of work, you will find me spending time with my family comprised of my husband and two amazing kids, working out, at a dance lesson, or traveling the world.

You can learn more about what I do, or what the next step is toward getting started, either by booking an initial consultation or calling 954-903-1676..

Why Choose Me?

Over the last 10+ years, I’ve helped hundreds of couples & individuals to move beyond troubling times in their love life. As a passionate counselor, therapist and top author in my field, I am here to listen and help you discover tangible solutions and fast results.

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Every Year there are over
Divorces filed in the United States

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A Passion for Love

Marriage and family counseling wasn’t a profession I chose for myself. In fact, as a young adult, I imagined working in accounting and finance.

Growing up, my household was filled with many opportunities for excitement and success. But despite this prosperity, there was a serious downside. Even though we always had what we needed financially, I watched my parents’ relationship slowly and steadily deteriorate over the years, eventually leading to a painful divorce. This really confused me. I couldn’t understand how this happened. I mean, we really did have it all.

Watching my parent’s marriage fall apart actually influenced me to develop a burning desire to learn how marriages work and how couples can cultivate deeply fulfilling relationships. I am truly passionate about my job, and for me, there is nothing better than helping heal and reignite a couple’s relationship and for singles to feel confident in the dating world.

That’s what my job is all about.

Areas of focus


Improve your relationship and generate profound changes with a short term plan.

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Learn how to communicate without fighting, gaining harmony in your relationship. With my help it’s possible.

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infidelity & Trust

Learn how to resolve trust problems in a way that makes you feel heard and understood. With my help, it’s possible

Repair & Heal

Re-establish trust and rebuild your relationship. It is possible with my help.

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Rekindle Passion

Fall back in love. A passionate, fulfilling and satisfying marriage is possible.

Fall Back in Love

Get the spark back into your marriage. Bringing a sexy excitement back to your relationship is possible with my help.

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Arguing about parenting issues can be exhausting. Restore and gain peace for a satisfying family life.

A United Front

Get on the same page with your
spouse about how to raise your children. It is possible with my help

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Couples on the brink

Find clarity if you are wondering if your relationship can be saved or if divorce is the answer


I will guide you through a structured process to find answers for your relationship. Finish the process knowing if your marriage should be saved.

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Relationship Therapy for One

Improve your dating life, bounce back from a breakup or divorce, or a great option if your partner doesn't want to join you

Enhance & Evolve

Understand how to stop dating the wrong person, heal from breakup or divorce, or make difference in your current relationship without your partner coming to sessions. It is possible with my help.

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Online Therapy

You are a click away from getting the help that you want. It is simple as that. It's never been easier than now

Virtual Counseling

Get the help that you want in the comfort of your home or office. Online counseling is as effective as in person counseling.

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