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Tips on How to Become a Power Couple through COVID19

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For many, social distance means not being able to see each other as much anymore, but for couples, it means seeing each other more than usual. And if you throw homeschooling into the mix, that just makes everything even more disrupting and challenging.  With the Coronavirus crisis affecting us globally, I’ve been trying to think of a way I can …

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5 Ways to Turn Communication Around in Your Relationship

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“We are constantly bickering, everything turns into an argument, we are never on the same page. How do we stop fighting? Where do we even begin? Talking doesn’t help!” Sounds familiar? You are not alone, couples constantly ask me “Sofia, How can we stop fighting?” Constant arguing is obviously linked to communication issues. 99.9% of couples I work with, if …

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What To Do If Your Partner Doesn’t Like Celebrating Valentine’s Day?

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Valentine’s Day seems to be one of those holidays that people either love or hate. And over the years, Valentine’s day has gotten a bad rep. Some say that Valentine’s day is a Hallmark holiday, that is meant to simply move the economy, or an excuse for people to buy things. Others go as far as saying that it is …

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Feeling Like Your Spouse is Married to their Phone Lately?

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  Do you feel irritated when the person you are interacting with opts to use their phone instead of contributing to the conversation or paying attention? Isn’t it worse when that person is your spouse? Does it feel like your spouse is married to their phone lately? Consciously or unconsciously, many couples are experiencing the challenges of Phubbing! What is …

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I think My Partner is Depressed, What Do I Do?

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  Men and women are raised with contradiction when it comes to the topic of mental health; expressing mental health issues is taboo, which is nothing more than an illusion. And this illusion creates differences in your relationship.   Men are expected to stay strong, which leads them to believe that feelings and emotions are “for the weak.”  Women are …

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Should You Forgive and Forget?

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Forgiveness is not condoning, excusing, forgetting, pardoning or even reconciliation. Forgiveness is an intentional and voluntary process by which a victim/hurt person undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense. So by this definition, it is all about changing the feeling and thoughts around the actions that hurt us.   We all have that one person (or more …