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15 Warning Signs your Marriage is Failing

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A marriage usually comes with its challenge, and almost every couple will confess that they have had a share of their problems at one point in their union. The most common arguments among couples are money, neglect by one of the partners, parenting, relationship with in-laws, and sometimes infidelity. When the satisfaction of the relationship is declining, it is common …

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Cyber Affair: Is It a Big Deal?

In Infidelity by srobirosa

Your husband tells you once again to go to bed by yourself because he needs to work on a huge new client account. So, you go to bed alone thinking that he has been working too much lately… Days go by, weeks go by, and you begin to wonder if he’s really working because he’s acting strange, disconnected… something tells …

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How to Recover Trust After an Affair

In Infidelity, Relationships by srobirosa

You’ve just realized that your partner is or was having an affair and it feels like your whole world has turned upside down. A mixture of sadness, anxiety, and anger dooms your marriage and well, realistically, your whole life. The feelings after finding out are overwhelming. Many describe feeling broken inside. It feels like your life before finding out was …