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Knowing the VALUE of RESPECT in every relationship

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“Without respect, relationships are lost, and if someone can’t value your difference, and respect your values and beliefs, then they don’t deserve a front-row seat in your life.”  – Riya Raj People have a different opinions about what the word “R_E_S_P_E_C_T” means. Often, it is referred to as the difference between the level of authority, such as with our parents, …

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How to Manage Social Media in Relationships

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Social media platforms generally play a vital role in relationships in terms of communication and providing couples with an opportunity to share their life and love with loved ones who might be far away.  Knowing your partner’s well-being is crucial in improving the connection in the relationship and keeping your partner at peace. However, social media platforms have also proved …

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Biracial Couples, How to deal with the current crisis

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Relationships, where two people belong to different races and cultures, still face racism by many. As a result, they are many times discriminated against by family, friends, and society. Even though the numbers of interracial marriages are gradually rising, there are still negative attitudes regarding them. It is easy to feel comfortable talking about fun and light things, as well, …

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Empty Nesters’ New Beginning

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At some point in your parenting life, usually, when your youngest child finishes high school, the house becomes quieter –even cleaner and tidier than usual! Having a busy home was the norm before, but now this young adult has moved away for exciting times in college, ready to spread their wings and live on their own. This kid has just …

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Happy Marriage With A Newborn

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The moment we find out we are pregnant, priorities change for each spouse and relationship. Many couples experience a shift in activities they can or want to do, resulting many times in complete lifestyle changes—-like when the ear pumping club stops sounding so exciting (LOL!)…. maybe because preggers mommy-to-be can’t keep her eyes open past 9:30 pm (You are making …

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Parents-Only Vacay: Benefits for Marriage

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One universal reason for suffering that exists between couples is jealousy. Jealousy can be felt due to many things, such as someone attractive talking to one’s spouse, or a friend that is becoming “too close” with one’s spouse…. and all of a sudden some strange energy runs through our body… actually, it can be a very unpleasant energy. It’s something …