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Happy Marriage With A Newborn

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The moment we find out we are pregnant, priorities change for each spouse and relationship. Many couples experience a shift in activities they can or want to do, resulting many times in complete lifestyle changes—-like when the ear pumping club stops sounding so exciting (LOL!)…. maybe because preggers mommy-to-be can’t keep her eyes open past 9:30 pm (You are making …

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Tips On How To Handle Your In-Laws

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Have you heard someone saying that when you marry, you marry his or her whole family? This can feel 100% true in some cases. Relationships with the in-laws can be tricky for different reasons. Many times, when we have children is when tension escalates quickly. Of course, you want your children to be raised your way but also, you may …

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How to Recover Trust After an Affair

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You’ve just realized that your partner is or was having an affair and it feels like your whole world has turned upside down. A mixture of sadness, anxiety, and anger dooms your marriage and well, realistically, your whole life. The feelings after finding out are overwhelming. Many describe feeling broken inside. It feels like your life before finding out was …