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Why Divorce has Skyrocketed in 2020

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The year 2020 has been a tough period due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many have experienced financial instability, there have been riots and a very intense election year. Working from home to observe social distancing has become the new norm, and Zoom the medium for personal and professional meetings.  In some cases, couples are reporting feeling: “We are in this …

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15 Warning Signs your Marriage is Failing

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A marriage usually comes with its challenge, and almost every couple will confess that they have had a share of their problems at one point in their union. The most common arguments among couples are money, neglect by one of the partners, parenting, relationship with in-laws, and sometimes infidelity. When the satisfaction of the relationship is declining, it is common …

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2020 = Stress? Thrive in your relationship despite of it

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2020 had a rough start.  Hell, it’s been a rough year. PERIOD.  You may or may not remember, 2020 started with talks about the potential of having war with Iran, and the following month Coronavirus hit the news. A crazy obsession of Tiger King started, and with Carol Baskin being a Florida resident, it was a very popular topic around …

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Political Debates & Marriages: How to do it right

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Social media platforms generally play a vital role in relationships in terms of communication and providing couples with an opportunity to share their life and love with loved ones who might be far away.  Knowing your partner’s well-being is crucial in improving the connection in the relationship and keeping your partner at peace. However, social media platforms have also proved …