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I love seeing couples look at their spouses the way they did when they first started dating. But many times, couples come to me bored and overwhelmed with stress and obligations, wondering what happened to the magic they used to have. As a trained relationship expert, I have seen this type of scenario many times. I’m here to tell you, what you are feeling is completely normal. The great news is, working together we can bring the passion and excitement back.



Is your marriage sex starved?

Are you still in love?

Do you feel lonely in your marriage?

Do you remember when you first met?, Passion was in the air. You couldn’t get enough of each other, talking for hours on the phone, texting, or just hanging out. Topics of conversation came natural and you couldn’t wait to see each other again. Same with intimacy: It was fun, spontaneous and fulfilling. But with time, the feeling of being in love started dwindling. You don’t know exactly how it happened… Maybe the demands of life, such as juggling work, children, in-laws and more began to get in the way of having time to nurture the relationship. Now you are faced with a marriage that is passionless, and possibly sex starved. But you want more.. Don’t you?

You can feel alone even though you are in the same house, or even while doing the same activities together. You feel you care for your spouse but more like friend, as the spontaneity, passion and romance is gone. You can count in one hand the number of times you’ve been intimate this past year, or it might be years since you have. You crave affection and physical connection, but it’s been so long or it feels so mechanical. You are starting to wonder if you are still in love, or your spouse is already telling you that he or she has fallen out of love. There are so many things that keep you together, but it feels like you are in a passionless, dull cage.


In a long-term relationship, it is not uncommon to fall in and out of love with your partner. What matters most in these cases, is that you recognize this is happening and know what to do to bring the passion back.
As not only a Relationship Expert but also a Wife, Mother and Entrepreneur, I understand the challenges of keeping the passion burning in your relationship. These are challenging times, but I am here to guide you through that process. How great would it be to fall in love with your partner all over again?

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  • We haven’t been intimate for some years now, can we still make our marriage work?

    While the amount of time you have not been intimate is an important factor, it will not determine whether your marriage is viable or not. I have worked with several couples that have not been sexually active for years and were able to rekindle the passion in their relationship.

  • One of us has experienced physical changes that have affected our sexuality, can we work around these problems?

    Yes, absolutely. Whether menopause, erectile dysfunction, or prostate cancer, amongst other has affected your libido and connection with your spouse, we can explore together unique solutions to reconnect you with your spouse.

  • We are uncomfortable talking about sex between us, how can we talk about sex with a stranger?

    I work in a respectful, compassionate and open manner, where I honor where my clients are with the topic at hand. I’ve found over the years that this makes it easier to discuss any burning issues, even if they may seem uncomfortable at first.

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