You are surrounded by success. Your career is blooming, as an entrepreneur or professional, and in all other areas of your life, but your marriage is in shambles. You look at your life and wonder, why can’t I have the same success in my marriage as I do at work? In this easy and clear-to-the-point guide, Sofia Robirosa, helps you create the marriage of your dreams that will support your career, and finally have an all around successful life. Sofia Robirosa is a Relationship Expert who has helped hundreds of couples have the marriage that they want.

Sample my book

The relationship blueprint

  • Relationship Dynamics

    Learn the difference between successful and unsuccessful marriages for power professionals and entrepreneurs

  • Tools for Success

    Learn to discern and meet the needs that need to be met in the marriage (including sex!)

  • The Rules of Interaction

    Identify specific ways to turn around ineffective ways of interacting.

  • Work | Love Balance

    Find peace in knowing how to handle the demands of work, kids, and the marriage.

  • Find Solutions Today

    Discover the formula for a long lasting marriage, and keep it there.


My goal is to improve your relationship and generating profound changes in the shortest time possible.

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Wouldn't it be nice to actually talk to your partner instead of fighting?

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infidelity & Trust

I can help you learn how to effectively resolve problems in a way that you feel heard and understood.

Repair & Heal

You can re-establish trust and rebuild your relationship. I've helped many couples and can help you too.

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Rekindle Passion

With my help, you and your partner can fall back in love and have a passionate, fulfilling and satisfying marriage.

Fall Back in Love

Many Couples need a little help bringing back the spark in their marriage. You can bring sexy back.

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Arguing about parenting with your spouse is exhausting. I can help you have fulfilling and satisfying family.

A United Front

Get on the same page with your spouse about how to raise your children.

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