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You are surrounded by success. Your career is blooming, as an entrepreneur or professional, and in all other areas of your life, but your marriage is in shambles. You look at your life and wonder, why can’t I have the same success in my marriage as I do at work? In this easy and clear-to-the-point book, The Business of Marriage, Sofia Robirosa, helps you create the marriage of your dreams that will support your career, and finally have an all around successful life. Sofia Robirosa is a Relationship Expert who has helped hundreds of couples have the marriage that they want.

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On average, couples wait seven years to seek help for relational issues from a professional. As a relationship expert, I have worked with hundreds of couples and have found that, while all types of couples have ups and downs—and knowing how to manage the downs is what determines the success and satisfaction of the marriage. KEEP READING
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A marriage is nothing more than a deep friendship with the element of physical touch, plus trust and long-term commitment to be together. When time has gone by and we change our interests, or life transitions like having a baby or increased stresses come around, it is important to keep an open channel of communication to make sex a priority in the marriage. KEEP READING
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Being present is a key element of mindfulness, which is the art of being fully present in the moment. While mindfulness is a tool that is mainly described to be helpful with anxiety and depression, the benefits go beyond that: There is an impact on productivity as well as relationship satisfaction. KEEP READING
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There is something incredibly powerful in being clear about what we want. In business, we call this setting goals. Knowing what you need in your marriage is the same as setting goals in a business. It creates a direction, and with this direction, just as in businesses, we can define how one will try to make those goals happen. When these elements are happening in a marriage, the understanding of each other’s needs will naturally increase. KEEP READING
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Ask yourself these questions:
1) Do your accomplishments include having a successful marriage?
2) Do your accomplishments include having raised successful children?
3) What were the accomplishments of your professional/business life?
4) Are there any other accomplishments outside of your marriage, family, and work you want to achieve?

The relationship blueprint

  • Relationship Dynamics

    Learn the difference between successful and unsuccessful marriages for power professionals and entrepreneurs

  • Tools for Success

    Learn to discern and meet the needs that need to be met in the marriage (including sex!)

  • The Rules of Interaction

    Identify specific ways to turn around ineffective ways of interacting.

  • Work | Love Balance

    Find peace in knowing how to handle the demands of work, kids, and the marriage.

  • Find Solutions Today

    Discover the formula for a long lasting marriage, and keep it there.

Areas of focus


Improve your relationship and generate profound changes with a short term plan.

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Learn how to communicate without fighting, gaining harmony in your relationship. With my help it’s possible.

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infidelity & Trust

Learn how to resolve trust problems in a way that makes you feel heard and understood. With my help, it’s possible

Repair & Heal

Re-establish trust and rebuild your relationship. It is possible with my help.

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Rekindle Passion

Fall back in love. A passionate, fulfilling and satisfying marriage is possible.

Fall Back in Love

Get the spark back into your marriage. Bringing a sexy excitement back to your relationship is possible with my help.

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Arguing about parenting issues can be exhausting. Restore and gain peace for a satisfying family life.

A United Front

Get on the same page with your
spouse about how to raise your children. It is possible with my help

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Couples on the brink

Find clarity if you are wondering if your relationship can be saved or if divorce is the answer


I will guide you through a structured process to find answers for your relationship. Finish the process knowing if your marriage should be saved.

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Relationship Therapy for One

Improve your dating life, bounce back from a breakup or divorce, or a great option if your partner doesn't want to join you

Enhance & Evolve

Understand how to stop dating the wrong person, heal from breakup or divorce, or make difference in your current relationship without your partner coming to sessions. It is possible with my help.

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Online Therapy

You are a click away from getting the help that you want. It is simple as that. It's never been easier than now

Virtual Counseling

Get the help that you want in the comfort of your home or office. Online counseling is as effective as in person counseling.

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