Why Do Most Couples Agonize 6 years Before Seeking Help?

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According to Dr. Gottman, a renowned relationship researcher, the average couple goes through 6 years of conflict and debilitating arguments before seeking help.

If this was a physical symptom, people would go to the doctor much sooner, so why do they expect the relationship conflict problem to go away on its own?

Isn’t 6 years a long time to waste?

Relationship conflict affects several aspects of your life, it is linked to Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Motivation, Fatigue, Lack of Concentration, and even getting sick more often.

It affects your health, your wallet, and your emotions, so why do we wait so long to do something about it?

What if I just break up? Can that restore happiness and peace of mind?

Here’s the rub, even when in some situations breaking up is the right call. It will not necessarily guarantee happiness.

Here’s Why:

Even if you find someone new, chances are that you will find yourself arguing with this person eventually if you don’t learn how to decrease arguments, fight fair and how to make up.

If you end up living alone, you should consider that being alone for a long part of life is linked to depression, fatigue, lack of concentration and event to living less, Sound Familiar? (Yikes!)

Not sure if you need help? Here are some ways to know:

  • You seem to have the same fight over and over
  • You have a massive fight, then some good times, and then an even bigger fight. It seems each one is more debilitating than the one before.
  • It feels like you argue about everything.
  • You barely talk to each other to avoid arguing.

I am here to help

Whether you’ve been fighting for months, one year, or 10+ years, with my help, harmony at home is possible.

Learn how to decrease arguments, fight fair and how to make up by reading my book or Schedule a Free 15-minute Telephone Consultation

If you would like to check out the health of your relationship, click the link below to get feedback and tips on how to enhance your connection.

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